This operation cannot be undone. Would you like to proceed?

What happened

While editing a document, you selected and tried to delete:

  • An attached file
  • An OLE object
  • Any part of a table
  • A section

What you can do

Click Yes or No.

  • Yes - Permanently removes the selected item from the HCL Notes® document.
  • No - Leaves the item as is in the Notes® document.

If the item is an attachment and you're unsure whether you want it, click No. Then launch or save and examine it, or, if you've installed the attachment viewer, view it before deleting it.

If the item is an OLE object, click No, Then double-click it to open its OLE server application and examine it in that application before deleting it.

If the item is a table, be sure that what you have selected is exactly what you want to delete, and click Yes.