<Name> not found in any Address Book. Choose OK to skip, Cancel to stop.

What happened

HCL Notes® can't find the name of your intended recipient (person or group) in the Domino® Directory for your domain.

What you can do

  • Click OK - Notes® skips the name it can't find and sends the message to all other recipients. Click OK if you decide not to send the message to the person whose name you're not sure of, but still want to send it to everyone else.
  • Click Cancel - Notes® doesn't send the message to any recipients. Click Cancel if you know the proper spelling of the name, but realize you've typed it incorrectly. Correct the name and re-send the document.
Tip: You can look for the recipient's name in your Contacts. You can also try entering variations on a name you're not sure how to spell; depending on whether the person is in your domain, Notes® may be able to suggest valid names similar to what you enter.