What is the Widget Management view and how do I use it?

The Widget Management view enables you to see and act on all your available widget actions, content types, and recognizers in a single view.

The Widget Management view consists of the Widgets and Actions , Content Types, Recognizers tabs.

Using this view, you can add or edit actions, content types, and recognizers for existing widgets. To open the Widget Management view, click Manage Widgets, Content, and Recognizers in the My Widgets sidebar panel options menu.

  • Widgets and Actions

    A widget can consist of a widget and an action tied to that widget. A widget can also contain more than one action. The Widgets and Action tab displays each installed widget action.

    You can configure a widget to act on a specific type of Live Text. For example, a mapping widget may be wired to act on an address content type and US-style zip code recognizer. This tab displays each action contained in your widgets.

  • Content Types

    A content type is the type of recognized content seen as Live Text. You can wire one or more recognizers to a content type. The content type name is typically a short descriptor of the content it is designed to act on, for example, Address or Name. This tab displays each element of the content types contained in your widgets. The Content Types tab displays each installed content type.

  • Recognizers

    A recognizer is defined using a specific text pattern created as a Java regular expression. You can wire a recognizer to a content type to cause a desired action. For example, a Zip Code recognizer can be wired to an Address content type. Recognized text patterns appear as Live Text in a the active document. This tab displays each element of the recognizers contained in your widgets. The Recognizers tab displays each installed recognizer.