How do I change a published widget and update the catalog?

You can change a widget in your My Widgets sidebar panel that you had previously published to the catalog.

About this task

Once you change the widget locally, for example by changing a default property value, you must update the catalog master using the specific process described below.


  1. From the My Widgets sidebar panel, open the widget that you want to change.
  2. Make the change, for example for a location-type widget change the default zip code value.
  3. Select the changed widget and click Export from the My Widgets options menu.
  4. As prompted, specify a widget name, keep the .XML widget file extension, and note the directory in which you place the widget XML.
  5. Open the widgets catalog using HCL Notes® or the HCL Domino® administrator client.
  6. Locate the widget document in the catalog.
  7. Open the widget document in the catalog and enter Edit mode.
  8. Delete the XML file that is currently attached to the widget document and replace it with the widget XML file that you created in steps 3 and 4.