Using the Discover page

HCL Notes® opens to the Discover page by default, unless you set up Notes® to open to an application, such as Mail or Calendar, or to a customized home page. The default Discover page is a central location from which you can find targeted Notes client information more quickly and easily, including new features in the release, introductory material for new users, and helpful hints and tips. There is also a Quick Links tab that allows you to launch your workspace, Mail, Calendar, and other Notes applications you have recently used.

Note: If you have customized your home page prior to the current Notes release, the customized page will show as the default in your Notes client.

You do not have to use the default Discover page as your home page. You can create a new home page using one of the other formats provided.

To open the Discover page, click Open > Discover.

To open your home page, if different from the Discover page, click Open > Home.