How do I configure a widget action?

Configure a widget action to act on a recognized Live Text pattern.

About this task

You can configure, or wire, an action to specify a widget behavior.

Alternatively you can use the Widget Management view to create or edit an action.


  1. Right-click a widget in the My Widgets sidebar panel and select Configure a New Action.

    Alternatively, you can configure an action while you create the widget using the wizards.

  2. In the Action name field, specify a new action name.

    The action name will appear in the list of actions for Live Text.

  3. In the What content do you want to use area, specify if you want to use recognized content or other content.

    If you select Other Content the choices are Text selection and Feed item.

    If you select Recognized content you can specify a new or existing content type name.

    For both types you can wire a Content type property item to a Widget property item. If you want to wire more than one Content type property and Widget property, use the Advanced tab.

  4. In the Where do users see the results of this action area, specify if the action should appear in a sidebar panel, new window, floating window, or tab.
  5. Click OK.