How do I add or update widgets from the catalog?

You can add or update widgets from the catalog. Updates can reflect any new, updated, or deleted widgets in the catalog. If your My Widgets sidebar panel is visible, the new, updated, or deleted widgets are reflected in your My Widgets sidebar panel.

About this task

Update is based on the catalog server, catalog name, and categories to install settings specified on the Widgets preferences panel, and widgets that the user installed individually. Widgets are automatically installed or updated if you are assigned the widget's specified category or have specified that category on your Widgets preferences panel. If a widget is removed from a category, upon update, the widget will be uninstalled from the user's system. If a widget is added to a category, upon update, the widget will be installed on the user's system. Widgets are also updated if you installed them using drag and drop from the configured catalog. Any plug-ins deployed to users from a widget are also installed to or updated on the user's client system when the deploying widget is installed or updated, based on properly configured <installManifest> information in the widget's extension.xml attachment.

To force an update, click Catalog > Update Widgets from the My Widgets options menu.

Automatic updates are based on catalog replication. After the catalog replicates locally, the widget additions, removals, and updates take place. Widget catalog replication is set to low priority, which is the same as Notes medium priority.

Note: If a category that a user is subscribed to is removed from the catalog, widgets from that category are removed from the user's client the next time catalog update occurs.