How do I wire a widget action?

When building a widget using a wizard, many provided wizards use the Configure a Widget and Wire an action to configure a widget wizard pages. On the Configure a Widget wizard page, if you choose to Wire as an action, the next wizard page is the Wire an action to configure a widget wizard page. This page enables you to create a new widget action and, within that action, wire a new or existing content type to a widget property.

About this task

To configure one property as wireable, on the widget configuration wizard page, select the property from the list on the Basic tab. To configure more than one property to be wireable, open the Advanced tab. On the Wire an Action wizard page, use the Basic tab to wire one Content property value to a Widget property value. Use the Advanced tab to create more than one Content property and Widget property pair.


  1. On the Wire an action to configure a widget wizard page, specify an Action name or accept the default widget name.
  2. Specify whether to use recognized content or other content.
    • Recognized content

      This provides a list of all available recognizers based on the widgets in your local replica. You can also create a new recognizer.

    • Other content

      This displays a list from which to choose, such as feed content or text selection. The text selection options allows a user to highlight text in a document; and perform an action with that text; the action appears in a menu when the user performs a secondary mouse click; similar to highlighting text in a document and then selecting the copy action. The Feed option lets you wire properties of a feed to a widget property. The action from the wire is seen when you right-click a feed in the Feed Reader.

  3. Select a content type from the resulting list.
  4. Select an existing Content property value based on the active content type.
    Note: These values equate to Content Types entries in the Widget Management view.
  5. Select a Widget property value to wire to the Content property value.
  6. Optionally click the Advanced tab and wire any additional Content property and Widget property values.
  7. Click Next and then click Finish.
    Note: After you create a widget, you can create more actions for the widget by right-clicking the widget and choosing Create a New Action.