What Content Type tasks can I do in the Widget Management view

You can see and act on content types using the Content Types tab in the Widget Management view.

About this task

Open the Widgets Management view to act on available content types.


  1. Click Manage Widgets, Content, and Recognizers in the My Widgets options menu.
  2. Click the Content Types tab.

    The available fields are listed and described below:

    • Enabled

      The enabled field pertains to auto-recognizer visibility of this content type's recognizers. The options are enabled and disabled. To toggle this value, double-click the value or right-click and select Disable/Enable.

    • Display name

      The display name corresponds to the Name field entry on the Configure a Content Type dialog.

    • Locked or unlocked

      If the content type was installed from the widget catalog or was installed with the client, it is locked and view-only; otherwise, it is unlocked for you and the row is editable.

    • ID

      This is the ID of the content type.

    • Category

      The category value is either Recognized Content or Notes. The value is not configurable. Content types of category Notes are built-in content types. Recognized Content is the default category for any newly created content types. The categories are visible when creating an action.

      If you right-click on the content type, the following actions are available:

      - Disable/Enable

      - Remove (only available if not locked)

      - Edit (only available if not locked)

      - Publish to Catalog (only available if you have access to publish and you created the content type)


You can open the Configure a Content Type dialog directly from this view by clicking the New Content Type button or by selecting Configure Content Type from the My Widgets sidebar panel options menu. You can also configure a new content type in the context of creating a new widget when you use the widget creation wizards.