How do I create a Composite Applications widget?

You can create a widget using the active composite application as the current context.

About this task

You can create a widget that opens a composite application in a new tab or one that is wired to act on Live Text or selected text in a particular manner.

The following sequence configures the widget such that a zip code from Live Text in a Notes document is sent to the Filter View by Category action in the composite application.


  1. In Notes, open a composite application and click the Configure a widget from the current context toolbar option to open the Create a new widget for this application wizard. For example, open a composite application that contains the Notes Mail and Contacts views.
  2. Specify a new widget name, for example ZipCodeContactFilter.
  3. To wire the widget to act on Live Text or selected text in a particular way, click Wire as an action.
    Note: To create a widget that simply opens the composite application in a new tab, click Just configure a widget for now and Finish.
  4. Enter a descriptive action name to appear in the Live Text hover menu, for example ZipCodeCollect.
  5. Select the content type property for the action. For example, select Address and then select the child property.
    Note: You should be familiar with the composite application itself before attempting to wire a content property to an action.
  6. Select one or more component actions to execute with Live Text or selected text. For example, select the All Contact – Filter View by Category action.
    Note: Only component actions that accept a string value as input are listed; other value types are not available.
  7. Click Finish and the new widget appears in the My Widgets sidebar panel.
  8. Test the widget. You can optionally add the widget to the widgets catalog to share with others.