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HCL Nomad 1.0 for Android Documentation
HCL Nomad 1.0 for Android is now available.
Introducing HCL Nomad for Android
HCL Nomad 1.0 for Android is now available for use with an Android Tablet.
Before you set up HCL Nomad, check that you meet these requirements.
Limitations for Android
Note the following limitations in release 1.0.
Tips for developing Notes apps
Here are some tips for developing mobile-friendly Notes applications that work well with HCL Nomad.
The following articles provide instructions on how to set up and use HCL Nomad.
Setting up HCL Nomad on-premises
Follow these steps to set up HCL Nomad if you use an on-premises mail server located at your company site.
Setting up HCL Nomad in the cloud
Follow these steps to set up HCL Nomad if you use IBM SmartCloud® Notes® for mail.
Opening applications
Open your first application.
Opening documents
Double-tap a document in a view to open it.
Viewing recent applications
The Home page shows up to 12 of your recently accessed applications. The application that you last accessed is shown at the top, left of the page, followed by the next most recently accessed, and so forth.
You can use full-text search to search an entire application or use quick-find to find information in the current view.
Importing or attaching pictures or files
You can import or attach pictures or files into documents.
Scrolling within views
Drag in a view to scroll the view. When you drag within a view to scroll, arrows are available to move to the beginning or end of the view.
Frame navigation on Android
Domino applications can consist of complex framesets containing multiple frames. These framesets can clutter the smaller interface of the Android screen. HCL Nomad on Android has unique toolbar actions designed to help users navigate their complex applications and improve their experience.
Mobile actions menu
HCL Nomad supports the mobile actions menu button, which is a floating action button that hovers over a view.
Creating local replicas
You’ll find that creating a local replica is similar to creating one in HCL Notes®. Follow these steps to create a local replica of an application on your device. The local replica is encrypted using Notes and Domino® encryption.
Managing local replicas
Use the Replication page to replicate all local replicas of an application or a specific one. Also use this page to delete or re-create a local replica.
The following articles provide instructions on how to configure and manage HCL Nomad.
HCL Nomad and panagenda MarvelClient
The HCL Nomad management solution MarvelClient from panagenda is now provided with all installations of HCL Nomad starting with version 1.0 for Android or 1.0.4 for iOS. panagenda MarvelClient allows administrators to manage HCL Nomad clients by defining their own settings.