Limitations for Android

Note the following limitations in release 1.0.

  • Domino policies are not fully supported. Policy settings are applied during first installation and setup of HCL Nomad. Changes made to policy settings after the initial setup may not be applied, however. In addition, not all policy settings have been fully tested.
  • AES GCM encryption is not supported. HCL Nomad falls back to AES-128 CBC mode when communicating with Domino servers configured to use AES GCM.
  • Java-based applications (JavaAgents, XPages) are not supported.
  • Web services design elements are not supported.
  • The LotusScript LSXLC and LSXODBC Extensions are not supported.
  • Custom actions that are defined for the drop-down action menu are not available.
  • HCL Nomad does not work with On Demand VPN configurations. If a VPN connection is required in order to connect to your Domino server, then the VPN connection must be present before using HCL Nomad to connect to your Domino server.
  • The Notes Workspace is not supported.
  • Roaming is not supported.
  • Scheduled Replication is not supported.
  • The Create menu is not available.
  • Loading remote images of incoming mail with MIME body content is not supported.
  • "Forward as attachments" is not currently supported as a mail file action.
  • Initial setup of the Nomad client using a passthru server connection document is not currently supported. Once the client's initial setup is complete, a passthru server connection document can be created and Nomad will use the passthru server as expected.
  • Spell checking support is limited to device spell checking service support.
  • Text in Notes text fields cannot be selected.
  • The swipe left and right properties for view actions are not yet supported.
  • The Search and Replace dialog, @Command( [EditFind] ), is not supported.