Router Tell commands

You can use Tell commands with the Router task.

Table 1. Tell commands you can use wih the Router task



Tell Router Delivery Stats

Shows Router delivery statistics.

Tell Router Compact

Compacts MAIL.BOX and cleans up open Router queues. You can use this command to compact MAIL.BOX at any time. If more than one MAIL.BOX is configured for the server, each MAIL.BOX database will be compacted in sequence.

By default, MAIL.BOX is automatically compacted at 4 AM.

Tell Router Exit

Stops the Router task on a server.

Tell Router O

Lists all databases that have an active Out of Office service.

Tell Router Show Queues

Shows mail held in transfer queues to specific servers and mail held in the local delivery queue.

Tell Router Update Config

Updates the server's routing tables to immediately modify how messages are routed. This removes the 5 minute delay before a Router configuration change takes effect.

To determine the best route for delivering a message to its destination, the Router creates routing tables, which map a path to the destination. The routing table derives information from variables in the NOTES.INI file and from the Configuration Settings, Domain, Connection, and Server documents in the Domino® Directory. The command does not update the routing tables with changes made to the Global Domain document.

By default, mail the router automatically refreshes its configuration every 5 minutes to absorb changes made in its sources. In previous versions of Domino®, you had to restart the router task to update the routing tables after making changes in the sources documents.

The command is case insensitive.

Tell Router Quit

Stops the Router task on a server.