The Push command forces a one-way replication from your server to the specified server. You can also replicate a single database from your server to the specified server by including the database name on the command line.


The initiating server sends data to the named server, but doesn't request data in return. This forces a server to replicate immediately with the initiating server, overriding any replication scheduled in the Domino® Directory. Specify the server's full hierarchical name, if applicable.


Push servername [databasename]


Push Marketing\Renovations -- Forces one-way replication with the server Marketing.

Push Marketing\Renovations NAMES.NSF -- Forces one-way replication of the NAMES.NSF file to the server Marketing.

Pushing from the active server to another server

You can replicate directly from the Server > Status tab in the Domino® Administrator.

  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Status tab.
  2. If necessary, click Tools to display the tool bar, and then click Server > Replicate.
  3. Under Which server do you want to replicate with, enter the name of the server to replicate with, or select the server name from the list.
  4. For Replication style choose Push.
  5. Choose one:
    • Selected database -- to select a specific database to replicate. Click the database button and select a database from the list.
    • All databases in common -- to replicate all databases that both servers have in common. This is the default setting.
  6. Click Replicate.