Controls the platform statistics data at the console.


Platform statistics that are affected by the reset command are:

  • Fixed -- These statistic values do not change. They include information such as number of disks, or an assigned name. For example, in the statistic Platform.LogicalDisk.identifying number.PctUtil, the identifying number is a variable that identifies the disk. This information does not change when a platform reset command is issued.
  • Primary -- These are the individual statistic metrics on which secondary statistics are derived. For example, a total paging file utilization statistic (Platform.PagingFile.TotalPctUtil) forms the basis for the secondary average and peak statistics values (Platform.PagingFile.TotalPctUtil.Avg and Platform.PagingFile.TotalPctUtil.Peak).
  • Secondary -- Statistic values that are a combination of, or are derived from primary statistics.


 Platform main argument  [optional arguments]
Table 1. Platform command arguments



Time [sampling period]

Used with an optional argument, changes the sampling period to the specified value in minutes. If not used, displays the current sampling rate. Default is 1 minute.


Resets the value of primary statistics to zero, and gathers new set of metrics.

Reset Interval Enable

Resets all values each time a new sampling period begins. Uses the sampling period defined using the Time argument.

Reset Interval Disable

Disables the Reset Interval Enable command.


Pauses the collection and update of performance data.


Resumes the collection and update of performance data.


Use Platform Time n to start a new performance data monitoring session with a sampling period of n minutes. This means that the statistic value can change every n minutes. For example:

platform time 5

Use the Platform Reset command so that prior existing values are not used in calculating minimum, average, or maximum values. You may want to use this command when platform statistics have been accumulating overnight and you want to clear out the accumulation. For example:

platform reset

Use the Platform Reset Interval Enable command to reset all values each time you begin a new sampling period. For example:

Platform Reset Interval Enable