Show Cluster

Displays the local server's cluster name cache.


Includes a list of all cluster members and their status, based on information received during the server's cluster probes.


 Show Cluster


This example displays the cluster name cache of the Mars server, which is in the Planets cluster, which is in the Solarsys domain.

Show Cluster
Cluster Information
Cluster name: planets/solarsys, Server name: mars/solarsys
Server cluster probe timeout: 1 minute(s)
Server cluster probe count: 2604
Server cluster probe port: NetBEUI
Server availability threshold: 10
Server availability index: 98 (state: AVAILABLE)
Server availability default minimum transaction time: 3000
Cluster members (2)...
   server: mars/solarsys, availability index: 98
   server: saturn/solarsys, availability index: BUSY