Administering with AdminCentral

The AdminCentral application (admincentral.nsf) is automatically created by adminP on the Domino administration server. You can open AdminCentral directly from your Notes Standard or Nomad web client, without the need to start Domino Administrator. This application provides a simplified and easy-to-use way of managing fully functional Notes users and groups in a Domino deployment.

Adminp launches a new AdminCentral processing thread automatically on the Domino Domain administration server. The first time AdminP runs, it creates the AdminCentral application (admincentral.nsf) which is used by AdminCentral thread for request processing.

You can use the AdminCentral app to perform the following tasks:
  • Register a new Notes user using a form
  • Register multiple users using a CSV file in the same format that the Domino Administrator client uses
  • Register as Notes users Active Directory contacts/Person documents that have dirsync'ed into Domino
  • Recertify a Notes user's certificate
  • Create a group in the Domino Directory
  1. Set up an ID vault for managing the user's Notes ID file (if one doesn't already exist in the current Domino deployment).
  2. Move the Notes Organization or OU certifier ID to the Domino certification authority (CA) as described in Migrating a certifier to the CA process.
    Note: Make sure that the Domino administration server (which is the same as the administration server of the Domino Directory) is listed as an RAA (Registration Authority).

    See also the "Summary of prerequisites" page in the "cog" section under Planning in the AdminCentral app.