Setting up a deletion profile

With this profile document, you can customize a Notes user's deletion options, similar to what you can do in the Domino Administrator client.

About this task

User deletion profiles can be created and saved in AdminCentral:


  1. Click the Settings icon in the side navigation.
  2. In the Delete Person view, click Create Profile and select Delete Person from the list.
    Profiles view

  3. In the deletion profile form, select the options that best suit your organization.
    Note: The Delete the ID from the vault option currently marks the user document as inactive in the vault and with a "time bomb" icon so that you can manually delete them from the ID vault application.
    Note: The administrator creating the delete person profile needs to be listed as administrator of the Deny Access Groups in the Domino Directory. Otherwise, clicking the Groups button in the Delete Person profile form throws an "Entry not in design list" error.

    Delete Person Profile window