The Load command loads and starts a specified server task or program on the Domino® server.


You can start a server add-in program or one that uses a command line for additional data, such as a backup program. The program you run must be on the server's search path.

Use the Load command to run a program until it completes or, if the program runs continually, until you stop the server. Where applicable, you can include arguments that determine how the program runs.


 Load programname 

Most server commands support the arguments -? and /? to display online help. For example, you could enter one of these to obtain help for the server command Load Compact:

Load Compact -?
Load Compact /?


Load Fixup -- Loads and runs the Fixup server task.

Loading a task from the Domino® Administrator

  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Status tab.
  2. If necessary, click Tools to display the tool bar, and then click Task > Start.
  3. Under Start new server tasks, select the task you want to load.
  4. (Optional) Deselect Show advanced options if you do not want to specify advanced options. The box is checked by default for tasks which do have additional options.
  5. Click OK.