Show Schedule

Shows the next time that a server task will run.


Output includes the type of task and the time it next runs. If you enter a location as an argument, the workstation replication schedule for that destination appears.


Show Schedule servername/taskname/destination 
Show Schedule -argument 


-Agents -- Shows which agents are scheduled to run next

-DDM -- Shows the Domino® Domain Monitoring (DDM) probes that are scheduled to run

-Replication -- Shows the next scheduled replication time and the replication type

-Mailrouting -- Shows the next scheduled mail routing time

-Programs -- Show which programs are scheduled to run


Show Schedule -- Displays a list of all scheduled tasks

Show Schedule Fixup -- Shows when the Fixup task is scheduled to run next

Show Schedule -Mailrouting

> sh sched -mail
Scheduled                       Type                 Next schedule
CN=Masterlock/OU=Server/O=Web Mail Routing
CN=MServer0/OU=Server/O=Webadmi Mail Routing
xTest1                       Mail Routing           08/02/2009 02:00:00 PM