Managing users

The Administration Process helps you manage users by automating many of the associated administrative tasks. For example, if you rename a user, the Administration Process automates changing the name throughout databases in the Notes® domain by generating and carrying out a series of requests, which are posted in the Administration Requests database.

Changes are made, for example, in the Person document, in databases, in ACLs and extended ACLs. However, the Administration Process can be used only if the database is assigned an administration server.

Rename a user

There are several ways in which you "rename" a user. Usually they involve changing a user's common or alternate name. However, in Domino® and Notes®, the name hierarchy becomes part of the user's name. So if a user is moved and certified by a new hierarchy, then that too is considered renaming.

Change user roaming status

Managing users also involves changing their roaming status to non-roaming, or changing their non-roaming status to roaming. For more information, see Considerations for changing roaming user status in the related links.

Move or open a user's files

In contrast to moving a user from one hierarchy to another, which is a simple renaming action, you may also need to move a user's actual files. For example, you can move a user's mail file and roaming files.

Delete a user name

When you delete a user name, you have the option of maintaining some of the files, while denying the user access to them.