Sametime® 7.0 Initialization workload

The HCL Sametime® 7.0 Initialization workload populates the buddy list storage database (VPUSERINFO.NSF) on the server for each test user.

About this task

The limitation for the workload is the total population divided into groups of "N" users, where "N" is the number of users initialized on a particular driver. The values for the NOTES.INI settings and will vary accordingly on each client driver, for example, 1-1000,1001-2000, etc.

ST70Init Workload considerations are as follows:

  • Pause 4-16 minutes
  • Log in
  • Pause 2-8 minutes
  • Initialize the Buddy list by using the following NOTES.INI variables:
    • -- The number of users to add to each buddy list
    • -- The starting mail* number for adding to the buddy list
    • -- The ending mail* number for adding to the buddy list
  • Log Out

All of the NOTES.INI variables required by the Sametime® workloads are detailed in the topic, The Sametime® Workloads.

Running the ST70Init workload from the Server.Load utility


  1. Start Server.Load.
  2. In the field, Select Script, choose Sametime Initialization Workload, and then click Execute.
  3. Click Start Test.
  4. Proceed to one of the Sametime® workloads according to which one you want to run.
  5. Optional: To verify that the workload has run correctly, use the Sametime® Connect client to log in as any of the initialized users to verify that the user has a populated buddy list.