SMTP and POP3 Initialization workload


  1. Make sure that you already set up clients and servers for Server.Load.
  2. Run the Create NotesBench Mail Person Documents agent to create the desired number of Person documents in the Domino® Directory. When prompted, set these variables:
    Table 1. Agent variables



    Message storage format

    2 (MIME)

    Mail system

    6 (POP3/IMAP)

  3. On the Domino® Administrator client, start Server.Load.
  4. In the Test Type field, choose Built-In, and then choose SMTP and POP3 Initialization Workload from the list.
  5. Click the Script Variables tab, and enter these values:
    Table 2. Script variables




    Enter the canonical name of the mail server -- for example, CN=MailServer1/O=Renovations.


    Enter a database directory relative to the Notes® data directory. Recommended value is mail\.


    Enter the name of the mail file template.

  6. Click the Test Parameters tab. If you are running the test on multiple clients, increment the value of the Starting Thread No. parameter when you run the test on each client.
  7. Optional: Click the Stop Conditions tab to set a stop condition.
  8. Click Execute.
  9. Optional: Select metrics to monitor.
  10. Optional: In the Server to receive console commands field, enter the name of the SUT.
  11. Click Start Test.
  12. Verify that the correct number of test mail files were created in the data directory. Each mail file is named MAILn.NSF, where n is a number.
  13. Complete the procedure to run the SMTP and POP3 workload.