DWA85 Initialization workload

The DWA85 Initialization workload creates a set of mail databases on the server and populates them with mail. The mail databases are populated with the number of notes (messages) specified in the NOTES.INI variable NumMailNotesPerUser. When you set NB_MailRealFromField=1, the mail messages appear to be from other valid users. Next, the workload sets the preferences, reads five messages from the newly populated inbox, and replies to all five by setting a random name as the sender from the range of valid users in the Domino® Directory.

About this task

The DWA85 workloads simulate iNotes® release 8.5 capabilities, and are the next generation of workloads for the web.

The DWA85Init test automatically creates and sets up the mail databases for the DWA85 and DWA85Lite workloads and establishes the following database ACL settings:
  • Default user is provided with Manager access
  • Anonymous user is provided with Manager access
  • Owner set = mail#

You use the Create NotesBench Mail Person Documents agent to create Person documents that use the mail*.nsf files (created by Mail Initialization) on the Server Under Test (SUT) as the users' mail files. The agent is stored in NAMAGENT.NSF.


  1. Copy NAMAGENT.NSF to the Domino® Directory and run the Create NotesBench Mail Person Documents agent from there. See the Using this Database document in NAMAGENT.NSF for more information about using the agents.
  2. Replicate the Domino® Directory with newly created users to the second test server.
    The following table lists required variables that do not appear in the Script Variables box.
    Table 1. NOTES.INI settings for the DWA85 Initialization workload
    Setting Description
    NB_ENABLE_NTHDAY=0 Enables the changing of time on the SUT to age mail documents
    NB_PersonalFolders=0 Allows the creation of additional folders in the mail database
    BlockSenderOFF=1 Allows the test to use a mail rule to block a sender
    ColorProfile=0 If enabled, allows the creation of special color profiles
    NB_DISABLE_COMPRESSED_DATA_OPTION=1 Controls whether data compression is used
    Domain=MyDomain SUT's domain
    NB_MAIL_SAVE_MESSAGE=0 When sending a memo, do not save to the Sent folder
    NABENTRIES=1000 Number of valid users on the server.
    NB_MailRealFromField=1 Send mail with the user's internet address, not the Note ID name
    MailRecipientBeginNumber=1 The beginning of the range of users from which to choose a random recipient
    MailRecipientEndNumber=1000 The end of the range of users from which to choose a random recipient
    NumMailNotesPerUser=3000 The number of mail messages with which to populate the Inbox
    WebPreferencesOff=0 Saves preferences
    NB_NumDWAReadEntries=25 The number of entries returned when reading a view. 1024x768 resolution default is 25.
    HTTPHOST The host name against which to run the workload
    nb_dbdir=mail\ A path relative to the server's data directory, where the mail databases are located
    ThreadStagger=2 Stagger each thread on workload startup by two seconds to avoid any congestion
    Webauthenticationoff=0 See the authentication section in the DWA85 workload topic
    MailServer The name of the Server Under Test (SUT)
    MailTemplate The name of the template to use to create the new database, for example, MailTemplate=myserver!!mail85ntf
    Note: If authentication errors appear at the console, check that the password in the HTTP field of the Person document in the Domino® Directory on the SUT is set to NotesBench. If necessary, edit the Person document in the Domino® Directory. Use the agent Set HTTP Password to 'NotesBench'.

Running the test


  1. Start Server.Load.
  2. In the field Select Script, select DWA85 Initialization, and then click Execute.
  3. When the workload has completed, verify that all mail files have been created.

What to do next

Proceed to the DWA85 workload.