Idle workload

The Idle workload establishes the highest number of sessions that a Domino® server can support. The test establishes sessions only between a client and server; no Notes® transactions are carried out. No resources other than those required to start a session are used.

About this task

The resulting capacity metric is the maximum number of user sessions that can exist concurrently. You can use this metric to help set up and configure the test environment.

Note: You can also read the Idle Workload script.

Running the Idle Workload test


  1. Make sure that you already set up clients and servers for Server.Load.
  2. On the Domino® Administrator client, start Server.Load by running SLOAD.EXE from the program directory.
  3. In the Test Type field, choose Built-In, and then choose Idle Workload from the list.
  4. Click the Script Variables tab, and enter these values:
    Table 1. Script Variables tab




    Enter the canonical name of the mail server -- for example, CN=MailServer1/O=Renovations


    Enter the thread capacity of the client. The maximum is 1500.

  5. Click the Test Parameters tab. If you are running the test on multiple clients, increment the value of the Starting Thread No. parameter when you run the test on each client.
  6. Optional: Click the Stop Conditions tab to set a stop condition.
  7. Click Execute.
  8. Optional: Select metrics to monitor.
  9. Optional: In the Server to receive console commands field, enter the name of the SUT.
  10. Click Start Test.