How Server.Load determines the range of mail addresses it uses when sending messages

Server.Load uses the logic described in this topic when determining the range of mailing address to be used.

  1. Server.Load uses the range of names in the server's Domino® Directory (NAMES.NSF) that begin with mail[x} where x is an integer.
  2. If Server.Load does not find any mail[x] users in the Domino® Directory, it uses the value contained in the client's NOTES.INI setting NABentries=[integer].
  3. If Server.Load does not find either of the values in the previous steps, it uses the default value of 1000 test users.

You can use the following NOTES.INI setting to override the values in the previous steps 1 - 3.


When the settings in the [previous list are included in the NOTES.INI file, those values are used as the range of addresses. For example, if


E-mail messages are generated with addresses in the range beginning with mail101 and ending with mail150.