Cluster Mail Initialization workload

The Cluster Mail Initialization workload creates a mail database on the server and populates the mail database with a number of notes scaled to the SUT.

About this task

The Cluster Mail Initialization and ClusterMail workloads are based on the NRPC mail workloads, except the mail databases are created on two servers during initialization so that failover performance can be tested.

The Cluster Mail Initialization test automatically creates and sets up the mail databases and establishes the following settings:

  • Database ACL settings
    • Default user is provided with Manager access
    • Anonymous user is provided with Manager access
  • Owner set = mail#

Prerequisites are as follows:

  • The appropriate mail templates must exist on the driver.
  • Two clustered servers are required for this test -- a primary server and a second server to test mail file failover performance when the primary server is unavailable.

Use the Create NotesBench Mail Person Documents agent to create Person documents. It is stored in NAMAGENT.NSF.


  1. Use the Create NotesBench Mail Person Documents NAMAGENT.NSF agent on any platform to create Person documents that use the mail*.nsf files (created by Mail Initialization) on the SUT as the users' mail files. Copy NAMAGENT.NSF to the Domino® Directory and run it from there. See the Using this Database Document in NAMAGENT.NSF for more information about using the agents.
  2. Replicate the Domino® Directory with newly created users to the second test server.
    Table 1. NOTES.INI settings on the child client drivers
    Variable Action
    MailServer Enter the canonical name of the mail server -- for example, CN=MailServer1/O=Renovations.
    nb_dbdir Enter a database directory relative to the Notes® data directory. Recommended value is mail\.
    MailTemplate Enter the name of the mail file template.
    NumMailNotesPerUser Enter the number of notes used to populate the mail file when the mail file is created. Recommended value is 100.
    NormalMessageSize Enter the size of the body of the message. Recommended value is 10000.
    ClusterServer2 Enter the canonical name of the second mail server -- for example, CN=MailServer2/O=Renovations.

Running the test


  1. Start Server.Load.
  2. In the Select Script field, choose Cluster Mail Initialization, and then click Execute.
  3. When the workload has completed, verify that all mail files have been created on both servers.
  4. Proceed to the Cluster Mail workload.