R5IMAP workload

The R5IMAP workload models an active IMAP mail user logging in once, then receiving and sending mail. The script contains an average of 15 minutes of waiting, so an average user will execute this test no more than four times an hour. For each iteration of the script, IMAP mail messages are retrieved, one SMTP message is sent, and a number of LDAP lookup requests are executed based on the value of the NumMessageRecipients script variable. The SMTP messages sent by each test user are delivered to the mail databases of other test users on the SUT.

About this task

The measurements obtained by this test are:

  • Throughput of completed Notes® operations
  • Average response time at maximum capacity
  • Maximum number of IMAP mail users supported

The resulting capacity metric for an IMAP server is the maximum number of users that can be supported before the average user response time becomes unacceptable.

Hardware considerations

About this task

The following hard disk requirements apply to the SUT and, during some tests, to the destination systems that receive mail from the SUT:

Table 1. Hard disk requirements

Hard Disk


Initial Disk Requirement

In Domino® 6 or more recent, approximately 13MB on the SUT for each user (mail database). In Domino® 5, approximately 5.5MB.

Subsequent Disk Requirement

Increase of 1MB an hour for the duration of the test. (This figure is not dependent on the number of users.)

Increase of 100KB an hour as impacted by the value of the nthIteration setting in the NOTES.INI file.

The growth rate of each database is a function of the ratio of the number of users and recipients sending and receiving mail.

Tips for running the R5IMAP Workload test


  1. Use these server commands.
    Table 2. Commands



    Show Task

    Show either the Database Server task (Notes® clients) or IMAP task (IMAP users).

    Show Stat IMAP

    Monitor message counters

    Show Stat Mail

    Monitor message counters

    Show Stat SMTP

    Monitor SMTP statistics

    Show Stat LDAP

    Monitor LDAP statistics

  2. Use an IMAP client, such as Outlook, to verify that the IMAP and SMTP server tasks are set up correctly.
  3. To minimize environment troubleshooting, put IP information -- for example, host information -- in the \etc\hosts file or its equivalent on the SUT and driver directories.
  4. From the SUT console, enter this command to display additional routing information:
    Set Config Log_MailRouting=40

Running the R5 IMAP workload


Make sure that you already completed the procedure to run the R5IMAP Initialization workload.


For more information about the R5IMAP Initialization workload, see the topic R5IMAP Initialization workload.

  1. In the NOTES.INI file on the SUT, verify that the Server Tasks setting includes both IMAP and LDAP.
  2. On the Basics tab of the Server document for the SUT, make sure that the SMTP Listener Task is enabled.
  3. For optimal performance, create a Configuration Settings document in the Domino® Directory and do the following:
  4. On the Domino® Administrator client, start Server.Load.
  5. In the Test Type field, choose Built-In, and then choose R5 IMAP workload from the list.
  6. In the Build Recipient List using Name and Address Book field, enter the name of the SUT and its Domino® Directory in the format servername/org!!dominodirectory.NSF -- for example, Server1/Renovations!!NAMES.NSF.
  7. Click the Test Parameters tab, and do the following:
  8. Click the Script Variables tab, and enter these values:
  9. Click the Stop Conditions tab to set a stop condition.
  10. Click Execute.
  11. Select metrics to monitor.
  12. In the Server to receive console commands field, enter the name of the SUT.
  13. Click Start Test.