R5iNotes workload

iNotes® is the Web client for Web-based access to Domino® messaging and Personal Information Management (PIM) capabilities.

About this task

The R5iNotes workload represents an active user sending, retrieving, and deleting mail from a browser. An average user runs this script four times an hour. Each time the script runs, it checks and retrieves mail messages. Additionally, on each NthIteration, which is one time in six for this workload, the user sends a mail message to NumMessageRecipients other users on the server. The user schedules an appointment, sends invitations to NumMessageRecipients other users, and responds to one invitation that it finds in its own inbox.

This test measures:

  • Throughput of completed HTTP operations
  • Average response time at maximum capacity
  • Maximum number of R5iNotes users supported before the average user response time becomes unacceptable

Considerations are as follows:

  • The iNotes5 template (INOTES5.NTF) is available with the server, and must reside on the server in order to work correctly.
  • After users and mail files are created, run the Update ACL of Mail Dbs to include Owner mail1, mail2 agent on the Domino® Directory of the SUT to update the ACL of the mail databases. The owner of the mail database must be named in the ACL.

NOTES.INI settings for the Notes® client driver for the R5iNotes workload

About this task

Select the Script Variables pane and then complete these fields:

Table 1. Script Variables

Script Values

Value to enter


Canonical Name of MailServer (for example, CN=MailServer1/O=Renovations). The MailServer line in the NOTES.INI is automatically updated when editing the Location document.


Database directory relative to the Notes® data directory. To have all mail files created in the data\mail\ directory set nb_dbdir=mail\. To have mail files created in the data directory, enter a space.


Pointer to the template that resides on the server used for mail file creation. For example, Servername/Renovations!!inotes5.ntf


Number of notes with which to populate the mail file upon creation. The recommended value is 100.

NBTest Reset

Define the variable to delete existing documents at the start of a test. Possible values are:

  • NBTestReset=1 -- To delete existing documents at the start of the test
  • NBTestReset=0 -- To ignore existing documents at the start of a test

The number of documents deleted is dependent on the value set for the variable MaxDocToDelete.


The TCP/IP address or Hostname of the Domino® Web Server.


Size of the body of the message. The recommended value is 10000.


Notes® Mail Domain Name of the Domino® Server. For example, Renovations.

Note: This value must match the value in the Mail Domain field of the Location document on the client.

Setting up the Domino® server for the R5iNotes workload


  1. Use Domino® Designer to copy all agents from the database Server.Load Setup agents to the agents view of the Domino® Directory of the SUT.

    See the Using This Database document of the Server.Load Setup Agents database for more information about these agents.

  2. Open the Domino® Directory of the test server and run the agent Create NotesBench Person Documents. In addition to creating the Person documents, this agent also sets the HTTP password.
  3. Accept the default settings for the agent except where indicated in the table.
    Table 2. Agent settings different from default


    Use this value

    Starting value to Create Mail users

    1 (the default value)

    Number of Users to Create

    Enter the total number of test users you are creating. The default = 1000.

    Number of Mailn. NSF files to use

    Enter the total number of mail database files you are creating. This is the same value as the value in the field Number of Users to Create. The default = 1000.

    Starting Mailn.NSF file

    1 (the default value)

    Location for Mail Databases

    This value must match the value for nb_dbdir script variable. Default = mail\

    Mail Domain

    Default: Read from the server's mail domain

    Mail Server

    Default: Name of the server on which the Domino® Directory resides.

    Message Storage Format

    1 -- No preference

    Mail System

    To select POP or IMAP, enter a value of 6. Default = 1

    Internet Host name

    Default: Hostname of the server on which the Domino® Directory resides.

Server document settings for the R5iNotes workload

About this task

The Server document in the SUT's Domino® Directory requires these settings:

  • On the Security tab, enter the name of the administrator in the Administrator field.
  • On the Internet Protocols tab, in the field Optimize HTTP performance based on the following primary activity choose Advanced (Custom Settings). This field allows you to view/modify the number of HTTP threads and is usually set during installation. The optimum setting for the number of HTTP threads requires some experimentation. On a large machine, begin with the value of 100, then adjust up or down, accordingly.
  • On the Internet Protocols - HTTP tab, locate the Timeouts section. In the field HTTP Persistent Connections choose Disable.

To specify NOTES.INI settings for SUT, open the NOTES.INI file on the SUT, and verify that HTTP is included in the Server Tasks. To display additional data on the console, in the NOTES.INI file, use the setting Log_MailRouting=40.

To specify access rights, open the ACL for the Domino® Directory and ensure that the person designated as administrator in the Server document is also designated Manager.

Running the R5iNotes workload

About this task

Be sure mail databases are available.


  1. On the SUT, start the Domino® server. The Router, Update, IMAP, LDAP, and SMTP server tasks must be running. You can run additional server tasks if you wish.
  2. Verify that iNotes® mail files have been created. if not, create them now.
  3. On the console at the SUT, enter a SH STAT command prior to exiting the Domino® server at the end of the test.