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To manage day-to-day needs, there are a number of tools for administrators: Administration portlets, XML Access, and the Configuration Wizard.

Administration portlets

Users that belong to the administration group have access to the Administration Portlets. Use Administration Portlets to manage applications, access, global settings and more. Using the administration portlets, administrators can create virtual portals and content libraries, install applications and portlets, manage access to the site, and more.

XML access, also called XML configuration interface

Administrators can use XML access to export an entire portal configuration or parts of a configuration, such as specific pages, to an XML file. The exported XML file can be used to analyze the configuration or to set up a similar configuration on another portal.

Portal Scripting interface

Administrators can use the Portal Scripting interface to create management scripts such as getting information about a page, creating a page, and much more.

Configuration Wizard

Use the Configuration Wizard to deploy new websites and to manage changes in the network, such as changing passwords. Administrators can also use the wizard to add new capability to the portal, add more nodes to a cluster, upgrade to Web Content Manager capability, and more.

Monitoring and tracing

Portlet load monitoring helps administrators limit requests from unresponsive portlets. Auditing capability enables administrators to see requests and other events in log files. Tracing provides additional capability to administrators troubleshoot issues in the portal site.