Cloud and virtualization | HCL Digital Experience

IBM PureSystems is a product family of expertly integrated systems. It combines software and hardware to give you a pre-configured, efficient virtualization operating system. The offering from PureSystems that function with the HCL Digital Experience v8.5 Pattern editions is the IBM PureApplication System (PureApp). It includes IBM middleware images and patterns to customize and deploy. It relies on the IBM Workload Deployer Appliance or successor PureApplication System function to handle image and instance management. The IBM Workload Deployer Appliance function is a part of PureApp. Therefore, working with the HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager patterns within PureApp is identical to working with them on IBM Workload Deployer Appliance.

Note: Effective on June 30, 2022, HCL announces the withdrawal of support for the Digital Experience Patterns for HCL Portal Server and Web Content Manager v8.5. Customers with software already installed will continue to receive program support in accordance with the applicable agreement through the End of Support Effective Date of June 30, 2023. For more information including recommended Digital Experience replacement offerings reference the HCL Software Support Lifecycle KB0099137 End of Support Announcement: HCL Digital Experience Patterns for Web Content Manager and Portal v8.5.

Use the Open Virtual Archive (OVA) to experience the fully functional HCL Portal and Web Content Manager instance that is deployed through IBM Workload Deployer Appliance and PureApp. The image also includes definitions and configurations for multiple parts of a typical HCL Portal and Web Content Manager deployment. Use the images to build simple to more complex topologies quickly and easily. In addition, the package also includes optional function available in the HCL Connections Files and Profiles Integration Pack for HCL Portal catalog deliverable.

The OVA is a preinstalled and pre-configured instance of the product. Instances created based on this OVA are ready to use and pre-configured with certain features to make it easier to get started. The product configuration includes the following features:
Security enablement
WebSphere® Application Server security is enabled with an ID that serves as both the HCL Portal and WebSphere® Application Server administrator ID. During the deployment of the OVA, you are required to set the password for the user ID.
HTTP Server enablement
The IBM HTTP Server is configured to provide port 80 access to HCL Portal. The IBM HTTP Server is configured in its own part definition so that it can be set up as a remote virtual machine for certain topologies instead of running on the same server as HCL Portal. Section 3.3 covers how to use the HTTP Server.
External DB2® database
An instance of IBM® DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Server Edition is installed and configured as the external database. It provides an enterprise-class and high performance database environment. It is configured in its own part definition so that it can be set up as a remote virtual machine if wanted.
Deployment Manager
A Deployment Manager part is defined to run on its own virtual server for managing a cell that contains a HCL Portal and Web Content Manager cluster.
Web Content Manager enablement
The OVA has Web Content Manager configured for rendering and authoring. Several sample content libraries are also provided, including support for blogs and wikis.
HCL Connections Integration Pack
Connections Files and Profiles function is included automatically in your Portal deployment if you choose any of the supported cluster patterns.