Site Builder and Content Template | HCL Digital Experience

The Content Template (CTC) is a set of site and section templates that accelerate the process of building a website. Site Builder is an application that you use to create site templates or section templates for use with HCL Digital Experience. Installing Content Template and Site Builder together offers you the widest choice of website designs.

Building websites

Site Builder includes two ready made site templates. One for websites, and one for Intranets. In addition to these, your web site developers can add custom built site templates and section templates that you use to build your own website.

Content Template includes a set of content ready page templates. You create new pages based on these templates, and then customize them, and add your own content to be displayed in these pages. A set of content-ready portlets can also be accessed from the toolbar. These include image slideshows, video-ready portlets, and navigational portlets.

Once you have created you site, you can easily update the content of you site using the inline editing features that allow you to edit text directly in the current page.

Developing author ready site, section, and page templates

Site administrators can create their own site templates and section templates using Site Builder. Select page templates to pre-define the structure of your site template or section template.

Site administrators can copy and customize Content Template page templates and portlets for their own use. Custom page templates can also be used in custom Site Builder site templates and section templates.