Authoring | HCL Digital Experience

From the site toolbar, content authors can access and work with projects, create new content and pages, and edit published pages.

Site toolbar

When you open the site toolbar, options are available for you to edit the page that you are viewing. You can also add new child or sibling pages in relationship to the page that you are viewing. You can add content by using templates and add applications by using the Web Application Bridge. When the site toolbar is opened on one page, going to another page does not close the site toolbar. This streamlines the editing of old content and the publishing of new content on any page of your site.

Inline editing

Inline editing enables content authors with edit access to a content item to edit that item from within the web page itself instead of using the authoring portlet. Inline editing must be enabled in the content authoring template.

The person that sets up the authoring template enables inline editing. Use the editable element tag or editable property tag in your HTML design to set which parts of your web page are inline editable.


Projects allow you to change a set of items on your site and ensure that they are published together at the same time. A new project has a default workflow that allows content to be reviewed and approved before it is published.