Information and Education | HCL Digital Experience

Formal and informal education, documentation, and community content is available to help you get started and accomplish your goals.

Information mode

Information mode displays more inline information, examples, and hover help in the user interface, such as the site toolbar. Information mode gives you more assistance when you need it. After you are comfortable and understand the user interface, you can turn off information mode.

Information mode is global setting. From the site toolbar, you can turn it on and off to suite your needs.

Information mode is not implemented for the entire user interface. For example, it is not available for the administration portlets. If you have feedback or suggestions about information mode, leave a comment.

User assistance help system

The help system is designed to answer questions and provide clarification about the user interface. More in-depth information is provided in the product documentation. The help system links to the product documentation to guide you to more information.

The help system includes two plug-ins or books, one for administrators and one for content authors. The administrator book includes information to support the administration portlets.

The content authors book provides information to help authors get the most out of the site toolbar. For content authors that are not familiar with HCL Web Content Manager, overview information introduces the key concepts.

HCL Digital Experience product documentation

HCL Web Content Manager and HCL Portal are tightly integrated. To reflect that integration, the product documentation for HCL Web Content Manager and HCL Portal is delivered as one content collection in HCL Digital Experience Product Documentation. You go to one source of content to find the information you need.

To help support centers and administrators, the product documentation includes the help system books. You cannot edit content in HCL Digital Experience Product Documentation, but you can comment.

Getting Started with Your Digital Experience

Simple tutorials help new content authors and administrators learn about HCL Portal and Web Content Manager. Getting Started with Your Digital Experience provides tutorials that you can complete in under 30 minutes. The tutorials are organized by user role.

The application tracks your progress. If you cannot complete a tutorial, it remembers where you are. It reopens to the same place where you exited the application.