What's new in IBM Connections?

Review new IBM® Connections features and functions.

New features and enhancements

IBM Connections 5.5 includes the following enhancements:
  • The IBM Verse theme is the new default theme in this release.
  • Type-ahead search remembers what you looked for. IBM Connections version 5.5 introduces smart type-ahead search. When you start typing in the search box, the system will try to guess what you are looking for. IBM Connections version 5.5 remembers who you've recently collaborated with and what you've recently collaborated on.
  • Files over 10 MB can be uploaded and attached to an Activity.
  • You can move Communities to better reflect your organization's goals. For example, you can move stand-alone communities to be sub-communities of a top-level, parent community.
  • In IBM Connections version 5.5, you can export community events to an external calendar as an .ics file.
  • Rich Content is a new app in IBM Connections 5.5. Use this app to create rich content pages in your community.
  • Media gallery documentation is now removed from the IBM Connections version 5.5 release. Support for media gallery was removed from IBM Connections 5.0.
  • The existing My Notifications, @mentions, and Action required views in the Homepage are now consolidated into a single Notifications Center view.
  • The Notifications view in the Homepage is now grouped by Like and Comment.
  • Nested folders for Files allows you to create, share, and manage nested folder hierarchies.
  • When adding your own file to a folder, you can specify "allow folders to edit" to allow folder editors to inherit file edit rights.
  • Users with the forum-creator role can create forums. Your administrator can enable the forum-creator role.
  • Attachment search. You can search for attachments to forum topics and replies using the IBM Connections Search app as attachments are now indexed.
  • IBM Connections for Mac supports features for you to share and access the latest version of an IBM Connections file.
  • In IBM Connections 5.5 you can now prioritize your own content when searching through content. When you perform a search, simply click Rank My Content Higher to prioritize your content in the returned search results.
  • The default rich text editor offers extra functionality with the Sort Table and Permanent Pen features.

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