Using the business card

Use the business card to view people's contact details and get in touch with them.

About this task

The business card provides a useful snapshot of a user's profile information and links to the user's work in IBM® Connections applications.

If the administrator configured email addresses in IBM Connections, you can send an email by clicking the email address in the card. If IBM Sametime® awareness is enabled, the card displays the user's status information.


  1. Access a person's business card by hovering the cursor over their name in any application and clicking the business card link.
  2. Use the business card to complete any of the following tasks:
    • Access the applications that are associated with a person by clicking the links on the business card. For example, by clicking Files, you can access the person's public file library and any files that are shared with you.
    • Add the person as a colleague by selecting More Actions > Invite to My Network, typing an invitation message, and then clicking Send invitation.
    • Download and save the person's vCard by selecting More Actions > Download vCard, selecting a character encoding option, and then clicking Download.
    • Send the person an email by clicking Send E-mail.
      Note: This option is not available if your administrator configured IBM Connections to prevent email addresses from being displayed.
    • Start a chat session with the person by clicking Chat.
      Note: To use this option, you must install the IBM Connections plug-in for Sametime.
    • Start a telephone conference call with the person by clicking Call.
      Note: To use this option, you must install IBM Sametime Advanced Telephony.