What's new in the Home page?

Find out about the new and updated features that are designed to make the Home page easier for you to use.

New features

New home page features in IBM Connections™ are as follows:
  • The existing My Notifications, @mention, and Action required views are now consolidated into a single Notifications Center view with the following subviews:
    • All Notifications: Directed notifications are actions on users' contributions (for example, responses and likes) and notifications from other IBM Connections services
    • Action Required: elements that require user action.
    • @mention
  • Events are now grouped as follows:
    • The Notifications view is now grouped by Like and Comment. So you now see events in groups, for example John Smith and 5 others commented on your file propsal.doc, or John Smith and 2 others liked your file budget.doc. Previously each individual like or comment was a separate entry.