Home page views

You can use the views available in the Home page to learn more about IBM Connections™, and to get the latest updates from your network and the wider organization.


Tip: If you use some Home page views more than others, you can bookmark them to make them quicker to get to later.
Table 1. Home page views
Option Description
My Notifications Use this option to see the latest notifications that you received and sent in Connections. You can use the Show options to filter the display to check for the latest responses to content that you created, or view notifications that you sent to other users.
@Mentions Select this option to see messages that mention you directly.
Action Required Use this option to view your latest to-do items from Activities, network and community invitations, requests to join moderated communities, and any third-party events that require an action on your part.

The number of items that require action displays next to the view name so that you can see at a glance how many items you need to complete. This number is automatically updated when you perform an action related to an item, such as accepting a network invitation or completing a to-do item.

Saved Select this option to view the updates you saved for later.

Saving updates can be useful when you are checking the latest news but you do not have time to look at the full details of individual updates.

When you are finished with a saved update, you can remove it from this view by clicking the X icon next to it.

  • I'm Following

    Select this option when you want to see updates that are related to the people and content that you are following.

    Click Stop following under an update if you no longer want to get the latest updates for a specific person or piece of content.

  • Status Updates

    Select this option to view the latest status update messages from across your organization.

  • Discover

    Select this option to view the latest public updates from all the apps. Discover also displays content that I'm following.

    Browsing the latest public entries from IBM® Connections can be a useful way to find new content and people that interest you.

My Page Select this option when you want to view the latest updates using apps rather than in list format.
Getting Started Use this option when you are a new or inexperienced user and want to learn more about IBM Connections. Select the Do not show this screen at start check box if you do not want this view to display by default every time you open the Home page.
Administration Select this option when you want to perform administrative tasks for the Home page. This option only displays for users who have been assigned the administrator role.