Uploading a file to a blog

Use the file upload utility to make graphics available for use in blog entries.

About this task

You can upload files for use in this blog.


  1. Click the My Blogs page.
  2. Click Entries for the blog you want to edit.
  3. Click File Uploads.
  4. Browse for one or more files to upload.
    The default file size allowable for uploading is 1 MB per file, up to a total of 4 MB for all files. Both the allowable file size and the allowable file type can be adjusted by the site administrator.
  5. To organize files in a folder, enter a New Directory name and click Create.
  6. To delete a file from the blog, select a file and click the Delete icon.


After you upload files, you can add the files to a blog entry. You can add images to a blog entry by clicking the Insert Image icon in the rich text editor and browsing for the images you uploaded.