Managing your blog

If you are the blog owner, click Settings to edit, manage, or configure your blog.

About this task

Settings is a central location where you can edit the properties for one or more of your blogs.


  1. From the My Blogs page, click Settings for a blog and choose any of these options to edit, manage, or configure a blog:
    • General opens the general settings page for the blog so that you can view or edit settings that control how users interact with your blog.
    • Authors adds authors and provides a place for you to manage user permissions for your blog.
      Note: If your blog is a community blog, you are directed back to the community to manage blog membership from there.
    • Theme controls the look and layout of your blog.
    Note: If your site administrator enables theme customization, you also see a Templates tab for editing theme templates.
  2. When you are done with management tasks, open a blog or return to the Public Blogs page.