What are blogs?

Blogs are online journals that you can use to share information within an organization in an efficient, dynamic style. In a business setting, blogs are a great tool for delivering timely information with a personal touch.

Blogs are a flexible medium for communicating within an organization. Use a blog to inform employees about a new product. Or use a blog to inform colleagues about topics that range from experiences at a trade show to tips on using new technology. Blogs are a fast, effective way to share your news and views.

A blog can have a single author or allow for multiple contributors. Invite others to provide feedback comments on what you post. Blogs give you the tools to collect and share information.

You can quickly access your blog from the My Blogs page. From the Public Blogs page you can browse for blogs, read recent entries, see what others are viewing or liking, and even start your own blog. You can customize the way information is presented by sorting the display on the page. For example, you can sort either the list of blogs or the list of blog entries by date, title, likes/votes, comments, or visits. Click a blog title to view a blog or click an entry title to view an entry. Sort, browse, view, and post – get involved with blogs!