Creating a blog

Create your own blog to share your ideas with your colleagues.

About this task

As the blog owner, you control how the blog is displayed and how users interact with it.


  1. From the Public Blogs or My Blogs page, click Start a Blog.
  2. If you are not already logged in, enter your user name and password.
    Consult your administrator for help with login credentials.
  3. Complete the fields that describe your blog.
    There is a description of each field on the form.
  4. Click Save to create your blog.
    Your blog is now available on your My Blogs page. To make it available for others to see, you must add an initial entry. Click the title of your new blog to open it and add an entry.
  5. Click New Entry to create an entry and do the following:
    1. Enter a title for the entry.
    2. Enter tags that categorize the entry.
      Tags must be entered as single words, which are separated by commas or spaces.
    3. Enter the main text for the entry.
    4. Click Post to post this entry to your blog.


Your blog entry is now available on the Public Blogs page.

What to do next

If this blog is the one that you post to most frequently, you can designate it as your primary blog by clicking Set as Primary Blog under the blog title on the My Blogs page. If you have more than one blog, your primary blog is the one that users are directed to if they view your business card and click the Blogs link. If you do not designate a blog as your primary blog, users are directed to the most recent blog you created.