What is an Ideation Blog?

Use an Ideation Blog to generate ideas and gather feedback on ideas within a community.

An Ideation Blog is a type of blog that is designed to generate ideas on a particular topic, collect feedback, and reach a consensus on the best ideas. An Ideation Blog can only exist within a community and membership is limited to the community, but you can manage the settings for an Ideation Blog from your My Blogs page. As the owner of an Ideation Blog you can:

  • Allow your members to contribute ideas
  • Encourage participants to vote for their favorite ideas
  • Graduate ideas that your community wants to promote
  • Freeze the Ideation Blog so that no more ideas, votes, or comments are accepted
  • Unfreeze an Ideation Blog so it can accept ideas, comments, and votes
  • Manage the settings for the Ideation Blog

A community can contain multiple Ideation Blogs.