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Registering a new user to the Ruby store

New shopper can create their accounts using the Sign In / Register icon.

About this task

The shoppers can create an account by providing personal information. This will enable them to access exclusive offers and discounts. The shoppers can track their orders and manage their account preferences for a more personalized shopping experience.


  1. Open the React-based store landing page.
  2. Click the Sign In / Register icon on the top-right side in the header of the React-based store. A sign in or register page opens.
  3. Click the Register Now button. A register page opens, as shown in the following image.
  4. Type first name in the First Name text box.
  5. Type last name in the Last Name text box.
  6. Type password in the Password text box and same password in the Verify Password text box.
  7. Enter an email address in the Email address text box.
  8. Enter a phone number in the Phone (optional) text box.
    Note: If the shopper requires home design ideas of the React-based store, select the Receive home design ideas sent to your inbox check box.
    Note: If the shopper wants to populate their personal data, such as login ID and password, automatically whenever they return to the site, select the Remember Me check box.
  9. Click the Complete Registration button.


The React-based store landing page opens with the shopper's registered account.