HCL Commerce Version or later

B2B Next.js store application

The Next.js store application is enabled for B2B e-commerce. The sample B2B storefront is called Ruby B2B. The B2B Next.js store features include B2B features, in addition to all of the available features in the B2C storefront, with the exception of guest-user shopping flows.

The following additional features are included in the B2B Next.js store.

  • Pricing and Catalog filters
  • Registered-user shopping flows

Pages in the B2B Next.js store application

All pages available in the B2C storefront are available in the B2B storefront with the following additions:
  • Registered user management
    • Contract and Account selection
    • Requisition lists
  • Buyer registration for an organization (requires approval from Management Center for HCL Commerce)
  • Organization registration (requires approval from Management Center)
  • ​​​​​​​Registered organization management (requires approval from Management Center)
    • Register buyer organization (requires approval from Management Center)
  • Pricing and Catalog filters (enabled implicitly during shopping and checkout flows)

Flows in the B2B Next.js store application

In addition to flows already available in the B2C storefront, the following new flows are available in B2B Next.js store application:

Page Flows
My account
  • Organization selection
  • Contract selection
  • Requisition lists > Requisition list details

Registration of new organizations and buyers

The storefront offers a user-friendly registration page that easily accommodates both organizational and buyer registrations. For more information, see Registration of new organizations and buyers.

Organization and contract selection

The B2B storefront enables the logged-in buyer user to select their active organization and contract. Once the user clicks on the My Account page, a pop-up message appears with organization and contract details. Based on the selection of the organization, the contract list will display.
Note: Only active and valid contracts will be displayed.

The selected active organization and contract choices apply to the buyer's shopping and checkout processes. The selections impact the pricing displayed on products and the catalog available for the buyer throughout the shopping session, until the selections are changed.

The checkout flow also respects the pricing of the items when they are added to the buyers order.

The Next.js storefronts use price data provided by the Elasticsearch index associated with the current contract. For more information, refer to the following links:

Limitations of contracts

If the buyer has a parent organization with two child organizations, creating a contract for the parent organization will make it visible to all child organizations. To restrict contract visibility to child organizations, administrator need to create a contract for respective child organization only.