Feature previewHCL Commerce Version or later

Using the Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) feature

The BOPIS feature allows the user to pick up the products purchased online from a physical store of their choice, without any pickup charges.


  1. Select the product you want to buy from the Next.js store and add it to the checkout cart.
  2. Click the Checkout button. If you are a guest user, you are redirected to the Sign In & Checkout page.
  3. Sign in to the registered account. To continue as a guest user, click the Checkout as a guest button to proceed without signing in to a registered account.
    Note: Registered users who are already signed in skip this step.
  4. Select the I'll pick it up option.
  5. In the Pickup store page, use the store locator feature to locate the physical store from which you want to pick up the product. See Locating a nearby store using the Store Locator feature for more information.
  6. Click the Select my store button. To proceed further, click the Continue to Pickup Details button on the bottom of the store locator screen.
  7. On the Pickup details page, select the I'll pick it up radio button if you want to pick up the product personally from the store, and enter your details. Alternatively, if you want someone else to pick up the product on your behalf, select the Someone else will pick it up radio button, and enter the required details.
    • The contact details provided are saved in the shipping information for every item in the cart, and are visible on the Review Order page that appears while the user is completing the checkout process.
  8. Click the Continue to Payment button and you are directed to the Payment page.
  9. Select the Payment Method and Billing Address. You can select the saved billing address or create new address. If you don't have the billing address saved, select the Create new address button. Enter the required details and click the Save and select this address button. .
    Note: For multiple payment, see Multiple Payment for Next.js store
  10. Click the Confirm and review button on the bottom-right side of the page. On the Review Order page, review that the details are entered correctly.
  11. Click the Place Order button.


An order confirmation page is displayed, which means that the order has been placed successfully.