HCL Commerce Enterprise

Extended sites starter store

Use an extended sites starter store to get started on setting up an extended sites solution that will allow your selling organization to provide unique storefronts for different enterprise customers or showcase a number of branded storefronts.

The three main components of an extended sites solution are the extended sites hub, the asset stores, and the extended site stores.

Creation and management of the extended site is done through the hub. The extended site stores can share much of the data, such as master catalog and list prices, presentation information (from a set of asset stores), and even some campaign data.

Your extended site store can be based on a specific starter store, such as the Aurora starter store, and benefit from all of the features of that store.

An extended sites starter store provides all the pages and features necessary for a functioning extended site solution. The extended site starter store is packaged with HCL Commerce in the crs-web project in your Externalized Customization workspace. All extended sites starter store pages use JavaServer Pages and XML to load the necessary data and can be customized.