Aurora starter store

The Aurora starter store showcases the latest in storefront features, and models best practices in store development, demonstrating a wide scope of retail scenarios. Simplify your responsive B2C or B2B web store implementation and reduce your time-to-market by using the Aurora starter store as your development base.

Aurora header

Store features

The Aurora starter store offers an extensive set of site-level, category-level, and product-level features:
  • Site level features: Using site-level features, you can customize the look of your storefront. Site level features are visible from multiple pages in your store.
  • Category level features: Category-level features help customers to browse categories, search the catalog, and filter product listings to find the right product.
  • Product level features: Product-level features showcase details about a specific product in your store.
  • Search features: HCL Commerce comes with a powerful and fully integrated search function. The search functions in HCL Commerce provide an enriched customer experience, with features such as automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction.
  • B2B-optimized features: Aurora offers B2B-optimized features to enhance and simplify catalog browsing, order placement, and administration tasks for B2B customers.
  • Accessibility features: The Aurora starter store follows the IBM accessibility guidelines to implement accessibility features. Accessibility features help users who have a physical disability, such as a visual impairment, hearing impairment, or limited mobility, successfully use the store.


The Aurora starter store demonstrates the latest technologies for store development and includes the following features:
  • Responsive web design (RWD) patterns in catalog browsing page layouts and widgets.
  • Customizable REST services to facilitate the invocation of classic controller commands and the activation of data beans.
  • Ability to define store functions as self-contained widgets.
  • Ability to combine Ajax and jQuery widgets to build a store page layout.
  • Easier styling and customization of the site.
  • Use of HCL Commerce services for all marketing, member, and order component interactions.
  • Ability to retrieve product attributes with catalog services.

Aurora starter store feature set

The following tables provide a comprehensive list of Aurora store features.


Feature Aurora starter store
Master and sales catalogs Yes
Categories, products, SKUs, bundles, kits, and dynamic kits Yes
Predefined dynamic kits
Support for swatches for attributes, such as color and size. Yes

Support for product-specific swatch images

Merchandising associations, defining, and descriptive attributes, list, and offer prices Yes
Simple and advanced search Yes
Faceted navigation ✓(Solr based)
Tiered pricing policy (offer price) Yes
Attachment assets for products Yes
Product ranking Yes
Browsing history Yes
Ribbon ads (image overlays) for catalog entry thumbnails Yes


Feature Aurora starter store
E-Marketing Spots to display promotional content, products, categories, and merchandising associations Yes


Feature Aurora starter store
Promotion code entry Yes
Product-level promotions Yes
Order-level promotions Yes
Shipping-level promotions Yes
Support for personal coupon management with a coupon wallet Yes


Feature Aurora starter store
Support for guest and registered customers Yes
Support for persistent sessions (Remember Me) Yes
My Account flows Yes
Shopper registration (for B2C only)
Buyer registration
Organization registration
Buyer participation in multiple organizations


Feature Aurora starter store
Quick order Yes
Recurring (scheduled) orders Yes
Inventory availability Yes
Shopping cart/current order and mini shopping cart Yes
Shopping cart/current order pagination Yes
Wish lists Yes
Shipping charges and taxes Yes
Order status and tracking
Multiple saved orders
Expedited orders
Requisition lists
Requisition list uploads from CSV files
Contract-based pricing
Contract-based shipping provider and charge type
Product entitlement
Order approval process


Feature Aurora starter store
  • Payments subsystem
  • Punch-out payment
Support for guest and registered checkout Yes
Support for multiple shipping addresses Yes
Quick checkout Yes
Ship as complete or partial shipments Yes
Shipping instructions Yes
Multiple payments per order Yes
Buy online, pick up in-store Yes
Multiple entry points, with customizable integration points on the store locator page Yes
Order status and tracking Yes
Purchase order number tracking
Credit line payment method

Store locator

Feature Aurora starter store
Multiple entry points, with customizable integration points on the store locator page Yes
B2B directHCL Commerce Enterprise

Organization and buyer administration

Feature Aurora starter store
Buyer organization administration
Buyer administration
Buyer registration and order approvals
Buy on behalf of feature for Buyer Administrators


Feature Aurora starter store
Support for Web 2.0 technologies, with Ajax and jQuery widgets Yes
Support for changing product attributes directly on the shopping cart/current order, such as color or fabric changes Yes
Progress indicators on store pages, which are displayed while operations are in progress, for example, when an Ajax request is triggered. Yes
Double-click handling on the client-side using JavaScript on store pages that benefit from blocking multiple requests. For example, adding items to the shopping cart/current order, or completing an order at the end of the checkout process Yes
Support for IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics Yes
Support for SMS order status notifications and marketing messages Yes
Search engine optimization Yes
Globalization support for stores that display bidirectional languages. The store uses a locale-specific common1_1iw_iL.css Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file where the directionality attribute can be specified


Fully translated into multiple languages to support globalization Yes 13 languages
Support for accessibility standards, enabling persons with disabilities to interact with web content by using assistive technologies Yes
Feeds from e-Marketing Spots and wish lists


Click-to-edit function in store preview Yes

Added support for Commerce Composer layouts and widgets

Tolerance for tablet devices Yes

Page design

Feature Aurora starter store
Support for designing and managing store page layouts with the Commerce Composer tool
Support for using responsive web design (RWD) techniques for store page layouts and widgets

Aurora sales catalogs

The Aurora starter store uses sales catalogs to differentiate the catalog data in the B2C and B2B versions of the store.
  • If you publish Aurora as a B2C store, the default catalog is set to a sales catalog called Aurora B2B sample data. This sales catalog has a housewares theme, with departments that include Apparel, Electronics, Grocery, Health, Home and Furnishing, and Newsletters and Magazines.
  • If you publish Aurora as a B2B store, the default catalog is set to a sales catalog called Aurora B2B sample data. This sales catalog has a hardware theme, with departments that include Fasteners and Lighting.

The default catalog setting is controlled in the Catalogs tool in Management Center. For more information, see Sales catalogs and Default catalog.

Mobile store pages

The availability of store pages that are designed for viewing on mobile devices depends on if you publish the Aurora starter store as a B2C or B2B store.

Availability of mobile store pages for the Aurora starter store

Business model Availability of mobile store pages
  • The catalog browsing pages and certain content pages, such as the Site Map and About Us pages, are responsive. By using fluid grids and flexible images, the page content adapts to a range of devices, including mobile devices.
  • For the remaining store pages that are not responsive, the mobile specific assets, such as mobile specific pages, or JSPs are included in the store's assets directory. They are included as a fallback when the page is viewed on a mobile device.
  • The catalog browsing pages and certain content pages, such as the Site Map and About Us pages, are responsive. By using fluid grids and flexible images, the page content adapts to a range of devices that include mobile devices.
  • For the remaining store pages that are not responsive, only the desktop page is available when the page is viewed on a mobile device.


  • The following features are not demonstrated in the Aurora starter store:
    • Gift registry (Gift Center)
    • Specific social commerce features including public-facing user profiles, blogs, photo galleries, and social bookmarks.
  • Bidirectional language support limitations:
    • There are known limitations with the Internet Explorer 7 browser when you view the Aurora store in languages that are written from right to left. . Limitations include misalignment or exclusion of certain page elements throughout the store.
  • The Aurora starter store contains default behaviors that might affect storefront performance. Changing the default behaviors might improve your storefront performance. For more information about limitations, see ../refs/rsmaurora_tsperformance.html.
  • The video/mp4 MIME type must be enabled in your WebSphere Application Server configuration. This enablement resolves potential video playback issues for Firefox and Internet Explorer 9+. For more information, see MIME type collection.
  • The mini shopping cart displays a maximum of 50 items by default. If a customer reaches 50 items and adds more items to the shopping cart, the mini shopping cart does not display the new additions. You must increase the default value in the mini cart JSP file fragment when you are expecting typical shopping cart sizes to exceed 50 items.