Shopping Cart page (B2C)

The Shopping Cart page lists all of the items that a customer added to their shopping cart. Customers begin the checkout process from the Current Order page.

Customers can change the attributes of an item, move an item to a wish list, or remove an item from the shopping cart. Customers can also apply promotional codes and coupons, or select promotional gifts.

Elements of the Shopping Cart page

Shopping cart page screen capture

Full size screen capture

Optional functions on Shopping Cart page

The following functions can be enabled or disabled for the Aurora starter store by using the Store Management tool in Management Center. For more information, see Selecting store functions.
2 Availability
Shows whether the selected SKU is in stock in the online store.
3 Change Attributes
Customers can change attributes of the product if there are multiple options. For example, customers can change the size or color of the product.
10 Promotional code entry field
Customers can apply a promotional code if they want to redeem a promotion against this purchase by using a promotional code.
11 Coupon wallet
Customers can apply a coupon if they want to redeem a coupon promotion against this purchase. By default, all coupons from their coupon wallet are visible. Click the coupon name to display the Discount Details page for the coupon.
4 Wish list
Customers can move the SKU from the shopping cart to the wish list. This function is available to registered customers only.

JSP files

  • OrderItemDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
  • BreadCrumbTrailDisplay.jsp represents the area where the checkout hierarchy is displayed.
  • ShopCartDisplay.jsp represents the shopping cart area.
    • OrderItemDetail.jsp represents the area where order items are listed.
    • PromotionPickYourFreeGift.jsp represents the free gift button and pop-up.
    • ContentRecommendation.jsp represents the ShoppingCartCenter_Content e-Marketing Spot.
    • SingleShipmentOrderTotalsSummary.jsp represents the order total summary area.
    • CheckoutLogon.jsp represents the area where an unregistered user can sign in.
  • IntelligentOffer.jsp represents the ShoppingCart_IntellOffer e-Marketing Spot.
  • ProductRecommendation.jsp represents the CheckoutBottomRight_Content e-Marketing Spot.

E-Marketing Spots

E-Marketing Spot name and details Supported default content types Supported Web activities
6 ShoppingCartRight_CatEntries

Recommended usage: Display catalog entry recommendations on the right side of the shopping cart page.

  • Content - No
  • Categories - No
  • Catalog entries - Yes

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