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Department page

Customers use the responsive B2B department page to navigate a department (top category). The layout that is assigned to the page contains 12 Commerce Composer widgets. The widgets display content that includes advertisements, category and product recommendations, and navigational links.

This page is managed in the Commerce Composer tool.

Screen captures

The following screen captures show how the responsive department page adapts to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
Note: To reduce scrolling, the following screen captures are cropped. To see full-sized screen captures, see the link after the mobile screen capture.

Desktop screen capture

Desktop screen capture

Tablet screen capture

Tablet screen capture

Mobile screen capture

Mobile screen capture

Full size screen captures

Layout, template, and page information

The following table provides details about the layout that is assigned to department pages in the Commerce Composer tool in Management Center:
Layout, template, and page information
Layout name DepartmentPageLayout
Template name Department page
Template type Responsive Templates
Page assignments This layout is assigned to the following category pages in the sales catalog that is used for the B2B store:
  • Hardware
  • Fasteners
Note: The Lighting department uses a different layout that is named HardwareLightingPageLayout.
Page type Catalog page


The following wireframe represents the Department page template that is used for this layout in the Commerce Composer tool:
Wireframe for the Department page template

Widget information

The following Commerce Composer widgets are included in the layout:
Widget information
Slot Widget Name Widget Type E-Marketing Spot name
1 BreadcrumbTrailWidget Breadcrumb Trail widget (not applicable)
2 HeaderLeftBannerContentWidget E-Marketing Spot widget (Common) HeaderBanner_Content_Left
3 HeaderRightBannerContentWidget E-Marketing Spot widget (Common) HeaderBanner_Content_Right
4 HeadingWidget Heading widget (not applicable)
4 HeroImageWidget E-Marketing Spot widget (Page-specific) [page_name]Row1_Content
5 CategoryNavigationWidget Category Navigation widget (not applicable)
5 FacetNavigationWidget Facet Navigation widget
Note: This widget is rendered on the page only if the Catalog Entry List widget is also rendered on the page (see slot 8).
(not applicable)
6 PromotionAdWidget E-Marketing Spot widget (Page-specific) [page_name]Row2_Content_Left
7 SaleAdWidget E-Marketing Spot widget (Page-specific) [page_name]Row2_Content_Right
8 CategoryRecommendationWidget E-Marketing Spot widget (Page-specific) [page_name]Row3_Categories
8 CatalogEntryWidget E-Marketing Spot widget (Page-specific) [page_name]Row4_CatEntries
8 CatalogEntryListWidget Catalog Entry List widget
Note: This widget is rendered on the page only in the following situations:
  • The department (top category) is the direct parent of one or more catalog entries.
  • The Expanded category navigation store function is enabled in the Store Management tool.
(not applicable)

JSP files

The CategoryNavigationDisplay.jsp file defines the entire page.

The Commerce Composer widgets that are included in this layout are defined by the following top-level JSP files:

  • BreadrcrumbTrail.jsp file
  • EMarketingSpot.jsp
  • Heading.jsp file
  • CategoryNavigation.jsp file
  • FacetNavigation.jsp file
  • CatalogEntryList.jsp file